Our guiding principles

Co[13] is a vibrant, value- and method-oriented group of consultants who assume social responsibility between the poles of humanity and economic efficiency. As consultants we are experts for radical change and renewal at organisational, team and individual levels. We enjoy doing our work and working with our customers. We connect with our customers and colleagues through collaborative and concerted learning processes. In this respect, we select a topic every year and work hard to fully comprehend and research it: a topic that also provides us with the opportunity to explore ourselves.

Sustained community involvement is important to us. Every year, we donate 10% of our annual profits to non-profit organizations, which, in our opinion, fulfil important social tasks.


Our consulting projects are spread across Germany, Switzerland and Austria – which often requires us to travel by plane. We travel climate-friendly and support the excellent and certified climate protection initiative, atmosfair. atmosfair compensates greenhouse gases by developing renewable energies, which, in turn, reduce CO2 emission.

We have compensated 217,390 kg of CO2 during 2014.


More at: www.atmosfair.de


Barth Syndrome Foundation (BSF)

We are the only world-wide volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through education, advances in treatment, and finding a cure for Barth syndrome (BTHS). We started in 2000, after the first international conference held in Baltimore, MD (USA) where families from around the world met to discuss BTHS. As a result, we made a unanimous decision to work together to find a cure for this multi-system disorder. Our Foundation strives to accelerate progress through collaboration between families and scientists. We encourage family participation in research. Also, we provide several ways to keep up-to-date about advances in science and medicine.

Since January 2003, we have been actively funding approved research into BTHS. Grants have been provided to investigators around the world and have supported work on the underlying biochemistry and genetics of the disorder as well as the creation of animal models, collection of phenotypic data, and insights into disease mechanisms. All applications are reviewed by our world leading Scientific and Medical Advisory Boardconsisting of experts in various fields relevant to Barth syndrome.

Mehr unter: www.barthsyndrome.org


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