“When supporting people as well as organisations in their quest to find new ways and solutions to tackle issues, my main objective is to make the invisible visible. To initiate dialogue and find out what really needs to be done is my key concern. That achieved, we can work on the necessary levers and set the course. It is my passion to create an environment in which something new can arise.”

Master of Arts in Business Administration (Lic. oec. publ.), Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change, additional training in Organisational Consulting & Coaching as well as Strategy Development

After having completed her academic education, Beatrice Bähler held various management positions in the finance and service industries. In her most recent role, she was Head of Human Resources Development at a major Swiss bank, where she managed the “Performance & Development” initiative, replacing annual target agreements and review meetings with a wide range of dialogue instruments. Her focus areas are organisational consulting, the support of change processes, facilitation of strategy and decision-making workshops, and management coaching.