“For me systemic consulting means always maintaining the bigger picture and interlocking the individual elements in a structured manner. Treating others with respect does not contradict targeted and results-oriented work in companies. Solution-oriented, networked cooperation and decision-making with the involvement of all stakeholder groups enables the design of sustainable business models and the true commitment of employees.”

Qualification as a banker and customer advisor Studied Economics at the University of Zurich, specialising in Banking and Finance as well as Organisation and Operational IT Additional qualification as systemic-complementary consultant in Vienna and as a coach & team trainer in high-performance sport.

Bernhard first qualified as a banker, before working as a customer advisor. After completing his degree he developed his career further to become departmental head of a foundation of all Swiss banks for Executive Development. He developed a think tank on the future of the financial sector, and was then a key position holder in a large Swiss bank, operating in the field of Market Strategy & Development. Among other positions, he was head of specialist and management training and initiator and project manager of a global innovation and change project in cooperation with IDEO. Doctorate on the subject of the effects of the information age on business models and forms of cooperation in the financial sector. Many years of experience in consulting and training as a complementary consultant with a focus on the future viability of business models and their strategic and structural reorientation as well as supporting complex change processes, including coaching.