“Working as a paintings conservator, I have learned that restoring is an art for what one needs to know a lot about material and origin. Also in modern society there is a lot that needs repairing, only that there is no direct connection between goals and means. In systemic consultancy we accompany our clients in a process of development in which we are mindful of not breaking something that it precious and giving the new a chance.”

Communication studies in Berlin, mag. Publ (master in journalism), training in systemic organisational consulting, family therapy, intercultural competencies and solutions-oriented work with Steve de Shazer.

After her studies, Charlotte Götz-Pagni worked for several years as a journalist in Berlin. She subsequently worked in the family-owned publishing company as a project leader for internal and external communication. Her key areas of work are in supporting change processes from a systemic angle, consulting family-owned companies, as well as coaching, mediating and providing intercultural competency. Charlotte Götz-Pagni was one of the co-founders of the Institute for Systemic Counselling and Consulting in Milan (ISKON) and is employed as a lecturer in methodology and self-competence at the Swiss Institute for Financial Training (Kalaidos) in Zurich.
Since 1998, she has been living in Italy and has two daughters.