“I am convinced that we all contain the essentials within ourselves. What we can develop further is the manner in which we communicate this and connect with others. Whenever I make music with my band, my own musical expression is important, but also the way in which we play together, harmonise with each other and create something as a group. Only by these means can a simple piece of music become a concert that also moves other people. And the same applies to cooperation within organisations.”

Dr. phil. in Communication, further qualification as a systemic-complementary organisational consultant, systemic coach and supervisor, health manager and yoga instructor.

Leila Steinhilper started her professional career as a university academic and worked in communications consulting.
As a systemic consultant for Co13 she supports change processes, organisational and personnel development and, as a coach, also helps individuals and teams in a state of transformation, for example in their reorientation, in situations of crisis and conflict and in their personal development. Leila Steinhilper lives in Berlin.