“Aufbrechen – Lust bewahren – Neue Wege finden.
This triad is a pattern that pervades all successful change projects. I see myself as a sparring partner for people and organisations that wish to achieve sustainable change – and who know that this is only possible by showing respect. And as serious as the matter may be: no sustainable change can be achieved without some degree of levity and a large portion of humour.”

Trained as a banker. Studied to become a Business Economist; qualifications in hypno-systemic concepts for coaching and change management, systemic structures, systemic organisational consulting and systemic personnel and organisational development.

After her studies Maren Kirst worked in both the financial services sector and in the service industry in the areas of personnel and organisational development. After more than 12 years’ experience as an internal consultant, eight of which as a manager, she became self-employed as a consultant and coach. The focus of her work lies in coaching executives, supporting integrated change processes and the conception and mediation of workshops. Her attitude is shaped by a solution and resource-oriented approach, by a genuine interest in people, openness to new experiences and the curiosity to sometimes take unconventional paths – always with the aim of being effective in a targeted manner. Maren lives in Hamburg.