“To me, systemic consulting means using common sense to help people and organisations reach their goals better, to learn together, to grow sustainably while taking social responsibility. And all of this with the gentle courage to follow one’s own path.”

Qualification as a banker
Studied Communications
Additional qualification as a coach and trainer and
as a systemic consultant in Vienna and Wiesloch.

After completing his studies, Lars Burmeister held various different management positions in the financial services sector. Most recently, he led the overall department for personnel support and development at a leading German bank and was responsible above all for the entire architecture of change management processes with systemically oriented stakeholder management and method instrumentation.
His focus is on supporting complex complementary change processes, strategic and organisational development, large group interventions and top management coaching. Having already supported numerous projects, he has a great deal of useful experience in these segments. He places particular emphasis on designing sustainable development processes, which he supports with tact and clarity, focussing on resources and solutions.