“My consultancy work is based on the conviction that first, the aspiration to achieve personal fulfilment is inherent in human nature, and second, that it is fulfilling to make a meaningful contribution even if obstacles are to be overcome and third, that everybody feels the need to belong to a community. When organisations manage to reconcile their own interests with individual predispositions, this forms a solid basis for developing joint solutions to deal with different challenges. This is not a simple task, nowever, and requires continual reflection.”

Graduated in psychology and philosophy in Lublin/Poland (Certified Psychologist), PhD at the faculty of Behavioural Sciences, University of Heidelberg (D.Phil.), trained in systemic therapy (Marburg) and multicultural competence (Munich), as psychoanalyst (Cologne) and systemic organisational consultant (Vienna)

When Renata Barlog-Scholz continued her academic career in Germany with a scholarship from the University of Heidelberg, she already focused on convergent processes between national groups in overcoming latent prejudices and the development of successful forms of cooperation. She carried out programme assessments in the healthcare sector and implemented quality management concepts. As a freelance psychoanalyst, Renata Barlog-Scholz supports individuals and groups in developing their personal competences, overcoming conflict and developing valuable strategies to cope with extreme situations. She also works as a lecturer, supervisor and training analyst at the Analytical Institute in her resident city of Cologne.