“The call for ‘more trust’ is something we’re coming across more and more often, at work and in our lives generally. Often enough, the call trails off in quiet submission. But, a wonderful arena for developing emerges if you manage to actually seize the topic and make it concrete on a personalized scale, which always means starting with your own trustworthiness. Being able to contribute to the creation of these arenas is what makes my job worthwhile to me.”

Studies in European Business Administration in Reims and Reutlingen, Diplom Betriebswirt + Diplôme d’Études Supérieures Européennes de Management Training courses in systemic consulting of organisations as well as systemic coaching

After his studies, Uwe learnt the ropes of the consulting trade at a McKinsey spinoff. He subsequently headed the finance & controlling sectors at a medium-sized retail company in Bonn for four years, before returning to the field of consulting.
His key areas of work are providing systemic-complementary support in processes related to change, restructuring and reorganisation, in addition to developing visions and strategies, coaching executives and providing mediation in conflicts.
Uwe is the author of a number of publications, most recently of the book “Vertrauen gewinnt” – translating as “Trust wins” – in 2011 for Schäffer-Poeschl’s “blue series” that comprises works about finances and taxes.
Uwe has been living in France since 1995. He is married and has three sons.