We develop along with our customers. To us that means learning together, perfecting our methods, expanding our repertoire, looking at what works and what has perhaps failed, pausing to consider, sharing and broadening knowledge, and taking a more detailed look.

We live in times of increasing acceleration. Our world is in the midst of a rapid development process, and we perceive this process to be ever more complex, confusing and uncertain. This is far from trivial. On the one hand we feel a real wave of change rolling towards us – and on the other hand this brings great possibilities and opportunities. Emotionally, we are torn between feeling overstrained and enthusiastic, which inevitably has a huge impact on personal vitality and health.

It soon becomes clear: human beings are only able to face these challenges if they maintain their own, inner stability.

The key question is therefore: what can we do to reach and further strengthen this stability? … to be able to face these major changes with confidence, self-efficacy and vitality! This applies to individuals but also in particular to forward-looking organisational development. This is where we as Co13 would like to use our research project to make a contribution.

The notion of vitality sparks our interest and enthusiasm to develop new ideas and concepts. Especially together with customers, colleagues and friends.

We have decided in favour of a dialogue forum: room to think and contemplate, listen, strengthen and mutually enrich each other – without having to find immediate answers to all questions. At the same time, the development collective will gradually come up with concrete and tangible impetus measures.

It is with great joy and confidence that we will help shape our future.